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Host an ICPHSO Meeting


The International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization (ICPHSO) is a global non- profit organization, which includes participation by health and safety professionals from around the world who meet annually to exchange ideas, share information, and address health and product safety concerns affecting all consumers.

ICPHSO holds three conferences a year:

  1. Annual Symposium: held at the end of February every two years in Orlando, Florida and every third year in the Washington, D.C. area;
  2. Regional Training Workshop: One day conference held in a different North American city in June/July, generally hosted by a company or organization with individual ICPHSO members or attendees at previous conferences;
  3. International Symposium: Two-day conference held in a location other than in the U.S. in October/November

For ICPHSO’s yearly Regional Training Workshop and International Symposium, a host organization or company is sought to provide a venue and some other logistical services for these two conferences to reduce some of the financial burden placed on ICPHSO. Where a host organization or company isn’t available, ICPSHO contracts with a suitable hotel or conference center to hold its meetings. Our interest in finding a host company or organization not only reduces the burden to ICPHSO in holding these training conference but also allows us to keep the attendee registration fee at a nominal rate and provide positive exposure to the host company or organization as a leader in product safety.

For this reason, we believe it’s appropriate to solicit host organizations or companies for upcoming ICPHSO Regional Training Workshops and International Symposiums. ICPHSO generally contracts with appropriate vendors several years in advance of the conference. We are now seeking hosts for our Regional Workshop and International Symposiums for 2020 and beyond.

An interested host who has ties to ICPHSO either through individual employee membership in ICPHSO or by attending, sponsoring, or exhibiting at previous ICPHSO conferences will be considered.  The host should be able to provide a no cost venue large enough to accommodate up to 350 attendees.  The available conference rooms would need to allow for one or two days of a combination of plenary and breakout sessions. The host facility would work closely with ICPHSO’s management support staff and Executive Director to assure ample available space for the conference as well as for registration of attendees, conference bag stuffing, exhibit space for a set number of exhibitors, logistics to obtain and store conference materials, exhibitor materials and other conference related materials both before and after the conference until shipping arrangements can be finalized. Space should be available to serve breakfast, lunch, and networking breaks during the conferences. ICPHSO will use any specified food and beverage provider identified by the host facility and will work directly with those vendors. The host facility should be able to provide audio visual services, which include screens for display of presentations, microphone and Wi-Fi capabilities.  ICPHSO generally anticipates the host corporate organization will provide a high-level speaker to address attendees as well as other company or organization staff to attend and support the conference. ICPHSO provides additional registration and sponsorship benefits to the host company/organization which can be discussed on a case by case basis.

 Generally, ICPHSO handles all the logistical support involving registration and other similar matters surrounding the conference as well as all back-office logistics and support related to the conference, including food and beverage costs, sponsorship and exhibitor activities, conference signage, conference materials and the like. ICPHSO also contracts with local hotels to provide a reduced rate accommodation. Transportation costs generally would not be included between the hotel and the host venue so ideally hotels within a short distance from the venue is desired. To the extent the host facility can provide a reduced host hotel rate, ICPHSO would pursue this type of arrangement as well.

For the Regional Training Workshop, ICPHSO seeks to vary our location each year in a different part of North America. In the past we have held conferences in Atlanta, Georgia; Wayne, New Jersey; Chicago, Illinois; Toronto, Canada; Seattle, Washington; St. Louis, Missouri; and Minneapolis, Minnesota. At these locations, ICPHSO was hosted at an ICPHSO member’s facility. Ideally, we are seeking the same for future hosts in various geographical areas of North America.

For the International Symposium we have held conferences in Beijing, China; Seoul, South Korea; Tokyo, Japan; London, England; Billund, Denmark; Queensland, Australia and have generally been hosted by either a corporate host or a government organization who may have the facility and the logistical support to host our conference. Where there is no corporate or government host, ICPHSO has held the conference at a hotel facility that can support our conference needs and house our attendees. Unless there is a host sponsor for the event, ICPHSO generally will avoid holding the event at a hotel or conference facility because of the expense involved. Every two years, ICPHSO collaborates with the European Commission and holds its International Symposium in Brussels, Belgium in conjunction with International Product Safety Week activities. We expect to again return to Brussels in 2020, 2022, and 2024 so we are seeking an International Symposium site in other parts of the world where we haven’t yet held a conference in the non-Brussels years.

When a company, organization or government regulator hosts an ICPHSO Regional Workshop or International Symposium, the benefits include collaborating with and being identified with the only global organization that brings together all product safety stakeholders to be trained, educated and network.  The host is identified as a leader in product safety for undertaking such a collaboration.  Attendees and others have an opportunity to hear from and meet senior executives and other leaders within the host company or organization and the host can offer their vision of product safety to the safety community.  ICPHSO provides a neutral forum for product safety stakeyholders and the host generally benefits for being associated with a global non-partisan safety organization comprised of product safety and health professionals.

Contact either Executive Director, Marc Schoem at or Meeting Manager, Erin Gilbert at for further information, to make a proposal or just discuss possibilities.


If you are interested in Hosting either a Regional Workshop or an International Symposium, please complete the form linked below:

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