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Inclusion Initiative

Tuesday, November 13, 2018  


Inclusion Initiative

The International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization (ICPHSO) launched an Inclusion Initiative in June 2018 to bolster its longstanding mission that is founded on embracing all stakeholder voices.  The 2018 Inclusion Initiative is intended to shine a spotlight on the 'human' participants within these stakeholder categories.  We seek to enhance ICPHSO's value to the product safety community and thus improved product safety worldwide by demonstrating objectively how inclusion improves product safety. The Inclusion Initiative is further intended to provide value to ICPHSO members and consumer product safety stakeholders by maximizing inclusive learning and networking opportunities, while promoting diversity within the organization.

The below sets out objectives for the Initiative:  

1. Structure

The 2018 Inclusion Initiative is being led by a taskforce appointed by ICPHSO's president and approved by the ICPHSO Executive Committee (the Taskforce). 

The Taskforce will invite content, ideas, and support from ICPHSO membership and the product safety community worldwide. Participation in the Initiative will be open to ICPHSO members and the product safety community worldwide.

The Taskforce will consider the diverse make-up of ICPHSO membership, conference attendees and the global product safety community, and will seek out a cross-section of stakeholder viewpoints. 

2. Objectives

The Taskforce will seek to enlarge the conversation around, and awareness of, diversity and inclusion, in the targeted context of consumer product safety.

The Taskforce will promote diversity and inclusion for ICPHSO's three main symposia/conference meetings and also within ICPHSO's regular operations.

The Taskforce will encourage members, attendees, proposal submitters, moderators and panellists to explore product safety from a “diversity and inclusion lens,” considering how diversity and inclusion will benefit consumer product safety.

The Taskforce will seek to identify historic and objective examples of inclusion - or the absence of inclusion - having a direct correlation to either improved or compromised product safety, as applicable.

The Taskforce will work to ensure that ICPHSO’s contribution to the product safety community includes a clear focus on enlarging the "inclusion concept" to include the human aspect, in addition to ICPHSO's longstanding commitment to categorical stakeholder inclusion, furthering ICPHSO's value as a thought-leading organization in the product safety community.

3. Activities

The Taskforce will facilitate and/or organize the following activities, by way of example:

(i) The Taskforce will promote diversity of topics at ICPHSO.

a. This will seek not only to bring a diversity and inclusion angle to discussions regarding product safety, but to ensure a diverse and inclusive range of topics are discussed at ICPHSO conferences for the benefit of attendees and stakeholders. 

b. This will involve panel discussions or key note speakers at conferences that focus on or highlight the diversity and inclusion angle.

(ii) The Taskforce will promote diversity of speakers at ICPHSO.

a. This will bring the diversity and inclusion agenda to the broader ICPHSO membership, attendees and stakeholders.

b. This will involve panel discussions or key note speakers at conferences reflecting a diverse and inclusive range of stakeholders, organizations and views.

(iii) The Taskforce will promote the development and thinking around diversity and inclusion in the context of product safety. 

a. For example, the Taskforce may consider inviting contributions to an ICPHSO blog or other media on topics such as best practice, individual experiences, and topics of interest. 

b. By providing a range of content in different forms, the Taskforce will aim to make the topic of diversity and inclusion accessible and of interest to the broader product safety community, and therefore develop thinking and understanding at the forefront of the product design and best practices. 

c. This will also involve looking at case studies to identify and learn from historic examples, establishing tangibly the importance of reflecting stakeholder voices in discussions regarding product safety. 

d. The Taskforce will seek to ensure involvement from a wide range of stakeholders, including working with regulators. 

(iv) The Taskforce will organize and promote diversity and inclusion networking events at ICPHSO conferences where opportunities allow.

a. Such events could take the form of breakfasts, brown bag lunches, networking dinners, or receptions.

b. These events will aim to provide a key 'value-add' for ICPHSO members and attendees. 

c. Such events would also be a natural fit to the existing ICPHSO structure, as these could be planned into the conference agenda alongside or around other program opportunities.